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/Last update March 31, 2013/ Continuation of the monthly countdown of all the new series in making and development. For full list of next seasons new scripts and ideas pitched  to networks in the last months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2012/2013 


AE “Those Who Kill” based on Danish series “Den som dræber” – story of detective and profile tandem solving crimes. Cast: Chloe Sevigny, Omid Abtahii, James D’Arcy, Bahar Soomekh

ABC “Ravenswood” “Pretty Little Liars” spin off drama taking place in a cursed title town located nearby Liars’ Rosewood. Straight to series order with preliminary October 2013 premiere date.

[Netflix] “Sense8” sci-fi drama from Wachowski siblings described only as “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted” . 10 episode order straight from pitch.

HBO “Getting On” medical comedy based on UK series of the same title following staff and admins of a geriatric hospital in their daily struggles with providing elderly care. Picked to series with six episode order. Cast: Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein and Niecy Nash


FX “How And Why” comedy about technological genius without a clue how to lead regular life. From Oscar winner Charlie Kaufman.

ABC “Once Upon A Time In Wonderland” (previously “Once: Wonderland” – an “Once Upon A Time” spin off show project from late February 2013 originally based around character of Mad Hatter from series one. After  Sebastian Stan was not available to reprise the role the projects focus shifted towards unaired character of Alice. 13 episode per season story arc is reportedly being drafted. Casting started in late March 2013. Production is slated to begin April 7. Cast: Sophie Lowe, Peter Gadiot

NBC “Bad Judge” comedy about judge in a criminal court system living on the edge. Will Ferrell and Anne Heche to produce. Announced in mid November 2012. Off cycle pilot rumored, conditional on Kate Walsh cast as lead.

[Sundance] “The Descendants” drama focusing on unlikely alliance between small town sheriff and dangerous member of native indian tribe. Straight to series 6 episode order.

[Syfy] “Helix”. Dark thriller about group of scientists trying to prevent worldwide spread of deadly disease outbreak at an Arctic research facility.  Straight to series 13 episode order.


FX “Mayflower” drama mini series focusing on the Puritan settlers at and their alliance with the local Native Americans in the Plymouth Colony. Continue reading »TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new shows… «

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