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February 4, 2013  Monday

TNT  10:00/9:00c “Monday Mornings” Created by David E. Kelley and neurosurgeon/CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, M.D comes a drama about pros and cons of being a brain surgeon.
Cast: Jamie Bamber, Jennifer Finnigan, Ving Rhames, Alfred Molina
Preview: Teasers and trailers here
Forecast: Kelley does not miss when it comes to dramas. This will succeed.
Competes in schedule with: Castle, Hawai Five-O, Deception

February 14, 2013  Thursday

ABC 8:00/7:00c “Zero Hour” [CANCELLEDMagazine editor becomes involved in one the most elaborate conspiracies in human history after his wife is kidnapped.
Cast: Anthony Edwards. Michael Nyqvist, Scott Michael Foster, Carmen Ejogo and Jacinda Barrett
Preview: Several trailers and previews here
Forecast: One for early cancellation. Anthony Edwards is unlikely to carry conspiracy drama on his ex-surgeon shoulders, but good script could add enough momentum for a season or two. Note: on March 1, 2013 – the script turned out s&%t and the show was cancelled after just three episodes.
Competes in schedule with:

Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries

February 19, 2013  Tuesday

The CW 9:00/8:00c “CultReporter and production assistant investigate cult following of a charismatic leader. A russian nesting doll of a show – what we are watching is effectively show about making a show about a series.
Cast: Matt Davis, Jessica Lucas, Alona Tal, Robert Knepper
Preview: Territory locked trailers on broadcasters site
Forecast: Unlikely to succeed. The non linear narrative of investigative reportage mixed with mockumentary show footage (within show) and behind the scenes of the mockumentary is very unclear. Execution and handling of it by the show runners and crew is too messy. “The River” as an example of recent “show about show” novelty format, was much clearer and had much more linear plot, and yet it failed. I’d be surprised if “Cult” survived
Competes in schedule with: Comedy block on all main channels – Go On, New Girl, Happy Endings

Note: On April 10, 2013 network pulled the show off the schedule due to rating figures way below half a point. Reminder of episodes made to date might be put online at later date.

February 26, 2013  Tuesday

CBS 10:00/9:00c “Golden Boy” Cop rise to fame story told as series of flashbacks by protagonist who becomes the youngest police commissioner in NYPD history. Special previews on February 26 and March 5, then show falls back to regular slot on Fridays at 9:00/8:00c from March 8, 2013.
Cast: Theo James, Kevin Alejandro, Chi McBride, Holt McCallany, Bonnie Somerville and Stella Maeve
Preview: Yes. 42 minute preview of the pilot episode is available via CBS website
Forecast: Unlikely to go beyond initial order. A retrospective procedural show carried entirely on shoulders of a newcomer. I can’t see it becoming a hit.
Competes in schedule with:

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