Jul 132012
Unsinkable "Falling Skies"

“I have it on good authority that we’ll have to stay on this dilapidated parking lot for at least another season”

Following what has got to be the slowest season start in history of Sci Fi TV shows, Steven Spielberg’s exec produced “Falling Skies” reportedly received full order of 10 episode season 3 of the series. This is, of course good news, Sci Fi TV series are dying breed and as rare as hens teeth these days, especially in summer slot, but I absolutely love a good whinge about this particular show because it serves as a prime example of just how odd viewer rating and ordering system of US television series is. Where less that 6 million viewers is enough to secure another year worth of lifeline to this quite expensive to produce show, we could stay all night long reading out loud long list of titles that had their plug pulled often with twice the viewer numbers and fraction of the budget.

“Falling Skies” is rumored to cost absolute fortune in production ($2.5mil+ budget per episode if you are to believe blogosphere), considering the beating and slagging it regularly receives on forums and in blog,  just how low budget it looks in some episodes (last years season finale battle, you could almost literally count the same two handful of extras running around in circles behind camera to create skirmish crowd around barricade made of few classroom desks and pile of milk crates) plus a story arc that sometimes slows down and flat lines so much it’s feels even slower than pace of recovery from Greek recession, you would imagine it would be taken off air in a heartbeat. But against all odds, this show so far remains absolutely unsinkable.

Thank you TNT I’m looking forward to complaining about this show next summer.

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