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/Last update August 30, 2013/ The last part of the serialized monthly countdown of all the new series in making and development in the season 2012/2013. That’s right folks, from next month it’s all new season and all new page. For full list of next seasons new scripts and ideas pitched  to networks in the last months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2012/2013 


[Hulu] “Deadbeat” half an hour comedy about New York medium helping ghosts to settle their unfinished business after death. 10 episode initial order.

History “Houdini” four hour mini series about famous entertainer.  Cast: Adrien Brody

[WGN] “Salem” dark drama about infamous witch hunt in 17th century Massachusetts town. Originally developed for FX. 13 episode initial order.



HBO “Westworld” futuristic drama series set in the middle of computer glitch at one of the “resorts” populated by androids where rich participants can relive their most cinematic dreams. Inspired by Michael Crichton’s 1973 sci-fi movie of the same title. J.J. Abrams to produce.

NBC Untitled single camera workplace comedy set in Detroit. From Justin Spitzer.

FX “Hoke” drama about homicide detective going through midlife crisis. Cast: Paul Giamatti

[Amazon] “The After” thriller based around an unexplained apocalyptic event. “X Files” creator involved. Pilot ordered at the end of August 2013.

NBC “Conception” drama revolving around modern day mass immaculate conception phenomenon.

USA Untitled drama about investment banker stuck in a stagnant marriage accidentally discovering his wife is seeing male escort. Sean Jablonski’s project.

[Syfy] “12 Monkeys” futuristic drama about time traveler from post apocalyptic future trying to prevent outbreak of deadly plague. Based on nineties movie of the same title. 60 minute pilot order.

NBC “Outbreak” high profile medical thriller drama centering around outbreak of deadly virus. Based on nineties movie of the same title.

ABC “Irreversible” comedy about turbulent life of troublesome couple . Based on hit Israeli series “Bilti Hafich”

ABC “Mystery Girls” detective comedy revolving around hosts of a TV show pulled into investigating crime after perpetrator insists he will only speak to the famous ‘Mystery Girls’. Cast: Tori Spelling, Maggie Malina. Green lit in late August 2013

ABC “Work Mum” workplace comedy about freshly promoting marketing agent who hires her unemployed mother.

ABC “Young & Hungry” comedy about young entrepreneur hiring food blogger to be his personal chef.

FOX “Paroled” comedy about two friends on parole.

FOX “A Moody Christmas” comedy chronicling family christmases over consecutive years seen through the eyes of the youngest son. Adaptation on Australian series of the same name.

FOX “Home” thriller/soap focusing on dark secrets among suburban families.

USA “Love Is Dead” comedy about a man who after being dumped via agency specialising in breakups decides to find why his relationships do not last by working for said agency. Cast: Ben Rappaport.

NBC Untitled comedy about beached mermaid who picks up job in a Miami bar.

Comedy Central “Big Time In Hollywood” comedy about two filmmaking brothers who embark on epic cinematic journey after their parents kick them out.  Cast: Lenny Jacobson, Jon Bass

ABC “Forever” crime drama about a over qualified NY City Morgue pathology associate who cannot die for over 200 years.

NBC “Girlfriend In A Coma” comedy about woman in mid thirties waking up from coma to discover she has 17 year old daughter. In late March 2013 Christina Ricci has exited the project after table reading, two weeks later network and show creators mutually postponed production. Previous Cast:  Miranda Cosgrove, Daniel Stern, Ann Cusack. New director assigned and new pilot order issued in mid August 2013.

LIFETIME “Deliverance Creek” two-hour backdoor pilot for a period drama set at the end of the Civil War and centering on a woman who in an attempts to defend her family’s land becomes an  outlaw.

NBC “Paradise” a futuristic prison drama set in the late 21st century world’s largest maximum-security prison in Las Vegas and revolving around survival and escape of a man wrongly imprisoned for crime he did not commit.

CBS “Gorgeous Morons” comedy about two super handsome but dumb brothers sharing living quarters with a female PhD.

NBC “Marry Me” half hour relationship comedy from creator of “Happy Endings”. Pilot production commitment including a full license fee and series penalty.

FOX “Stuck” single camera comedy about woman employed in a dead end bank job and her daughter trying to escape rat race lifestyle.

[Amazon] “Transparent” comedy which follows father of three coming clean about being transgender to his adult  children. Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, Gaby Hoffman. Filming set to start in September.

[Bravo] “Girfriends’ Guide To Divorce” Comedy that follows four women in their forties experiencing life after divorce. Based on book series by Vicki Iovine. Originally pitched to Showtime in late August 2012.

FOX “Fatrick” comedy revolving around popular young man who cannot shake off his insecurities and past as a fat boy.

FOX “The Longest Date” comedy about cringeworthy aspects of being married. Based on Cindy Chupack memoirs “The Longest Date: Life As A Wife”


NBC Untitled project about group of friends meeting every week at the bowling alley. Kristin Ritter and Liz Vassey involved.

FOX Untitled comedy about two high school friends reuniting later in life.

[Cinemax] “Bianco” drama about gangster who exploits his position as an informant to build his criminal organisation.

FOX “Bad Guys” family drama about singe mother HYPD detective reuniting with her recently paroled father.

FOX Untitled comedy about romantic guy who after being dumped moves into apartment compilex with former gigolo, supermodels and self defence instructor.

FOX “Broken Girl” drama about woman who after losing a man she though she would spend the rest of her life with attempts to end her life just to discover she’s invincible.

NBC “Thursdays” single camera comedy revolving around group of male friends meeting every Thursday in a dinner.

ABC Untitled comedy about overworked father who decides to ditch city life and move his family to rural New Hampshire to run tourist camp site.

NBC Untitled comedy loosely based on friendship between Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and scrip writer Gene Hong.

CBS “Punching Out” comedy about group of friends conspiring to kill their horrible bosses. From the creators of the movie “Horrible Bosses”.

ABC Untitled half an hour semi autobiographical comedy based on life of Jay Baruchel and revolving around successful actor who moves back to his old neighbourhood and invites his childhood friends to move in with him.

NBC “Reality Bites” romantic comedy about graduates entering adult life based on nineties movie of the same title. Ben Stiller involved as producer.

NBC “Time To Time” high concept drama about two policemen from two different generations pairing to solve crimes.

NBC “Ricochet” thriller about hitman in a coma who is being experimented on by NSA.

NBC Untitled workplace comedy about old school football coach trying to reboot his career down south.

NBC “Emerald City” medical soap inspired by the characters and themes from The Wizard of Oz. This is the third “Oz” related project this year.

FOX “Fives” single camera comedy about average people (5 in scale of 10) battling daily life in the obsessed with looks city of Los Angeles.

FOX “Falling Into Place” comedy about five graduates who experience loss and turbulence of life few years after college.

MTV “Seven Deadlies” fantastical drama about scholarship student who discovers her classmates are bloodline of the seven deadly sins. Based on novel by Gigi Levangie.

FX Untitled pseudo autobiographical project based on life and experiences of radio host DL Hughley. Cast: DL Hughley

FOX “Domain” drama about hacker and activist helping national security to prevent sensitive data leaks.

FX “The Great Zucchini” comedy following kids entertainer who tries to outgrow his immaturity.

ABC “How To Get Away With Murder” legal thriller about a group law students led by criminal defence professor who become entangled in a murder plot.

FOX “Kill Zone” story based around relationship of a secret agent and his newbie partner as they protect President of US.

NBC “The Mysteries Of Laura” drama about life of a female homicide detective who can handle murders and violence at work but is completely lost with her own kids. Based on the Spanish series “Los Misterios De Laura”

NBC Untitled comedy set at women’s only college opening its doors to male students for the first time. From “30 Rock” scribe Matt Hubbard.

CBS “Madame Secretary” drama about family and professional life of a fictional secretary of state. Morgan Freeman involved.

The CW “Someday, Someday, Maybe” adaptation of Lauren Graham’s debut novel about young woman trying to become actress in New York. Ellen Degeneres to produce.

[TV Land] “Younger” comedy about single mother in early 40ies who successfully passes herself as 20 something at work in attempt to reboot her career. Based on the novel by Pamela Redmond

FOX “St. Nick” drama about a young Catholic priest “going down a morally corrupt road for all the right reasons”.

NBC “Sparks” medical drama based on the case files and life of renowned neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks.

ABC “Limelight” drama about high profile murder trial becoming national media obsession.

NBC Untitled workplace comedy about a young woman who tries to reconnect with her but in a process finds new home and family on Fire Island. From Tina Fey.

NBC Untitled half hour comedy about unemployed slacker living with his folks trying to correct how they rise his younger brother who became multi millionaire entrepreneur while still in high school.

FOX “The Henchman” comedy about a henchman to the world’s worst super-villain going though single parenthood and mid life crisis.

NBC Untitled multi camera relationship comedy from Dan Mazer about two average parents lost in their element trying to rise intellectually gifted son.

ABC Untitled, undisclosed comedy project from Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael. Booked to secure both actresses in a “first dibs” blind script deal.

FOX “Noone” romantic procedural drama set in San Francisco.

CBS “Dorothy” medical soap set in New York and inspired by characters of “Wizard of Oz” . From the producers of “Sherlock”.

FOX “World War III” an apocalyptic event series from  X-Men writer. Script and bible order.

FOX “F.O.M.O” (“Fear Of Missing Out” alternative title) half hour ensemble situational comedy about people living in constant state of missed opportunities and unexplored chances.

ABC Untitled cop drama set in Miami with unorthodox detective and methodical new female partner. Shonda Rhymes to produce.

FOX Untitled singe camera comedy about family living american dream starring Ken Marino.

FX “Atlanta” comedy set in Atlanta’s music scene from Donald Glover.

HBO Untitled comedy following awkward experiences of African American woman. Penned by Larry Wilmore and Issa Rae.

ABC “Freedom” drama about group of brilliant students preparing technological revolution against government and corporations. From creator of “Last Resort”. Shawn Ryan to produce.

ABC “Cristela” comedy based around autobiographical clash of cultures inspired by life of comedian Cristela Alonzo

ABC “Travelers” time travel drama about a man who discovers time shifting portal at his estranged fathers wake.



ABC “SAGA” fantasy drama about author of epic novels gets kidnapped into the very world of her books. New writer assigned at the end of August 2013.

CBS “The McCarthys”  comedy about big Irish catholic family from Boston. Put pilot commitment issued at the beginning of October 2012. Pilot green lit mid January 2013. Cast: Jack McGee, Jacki Weaver, Jake Lacy, Joey McIntyre, Jimmy Dunn. CBS issued repiloting order as a multi-camera sitcom at the beginning of August 2013. Jack McGee & Joey McIntyre confirmed as returning or the new pilot in August 2013.



[Netflix] “Marco Polo” Historical drama with martial arts twist exploring early years of Marco Polo in the court of Kublai Khan acting as the spy, ambassador and scout. Originally sold as 10 episode series to Starz in January 2012 by July 2013 pre-production team was reported to be still negotiating film shoot in China. 9 episode offer made by Netflix at the beginning of August 2013



“Rambo” drama series based on character created by Sylvester Stallone in eighties. Sly involved and also considered as lead.

Untitled CIA drama starring Katherine Heigl. No studio attached to the drama idea currently pitched to networks.

“Exorcist” drama based on characters from William Peter Blatty novel. Jeremy Slater’s script apparently pitched around by Morgan Creek.

“Extant” sci fi project about family with android child. Bidding war between major networks is rumoured with winner expected to be issue straight to series commitment.


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