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Click here for complete list of this season TV pilots, pitches and new shows in development.

The following shows were put in development in January 2013.


LIFETIME “Witches of East End” (formerly “Witches of East Road”)  Based on a book by Melissa de la Cruz about two sisters discovering special powers. Cast: Julia Ormond, Rachel Boston, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Mädchen Amick, Patrick Heusinger. Put to series at the end of January 2013.

TNT “King & Maxwell” Originally pitched to CBS drama about two former secret service agents in PI business. Based on David Baldacci characters of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. Cast: Rebecca Romijn, Jon Tenney, Ryan Hurst, Chris Butler. Picked to series in mid January 2013. 10 episodes order.

Showtime “Penny Dreadful”  vampire hunter project set in 19th century London and involving cast of off the shelf characters such as as Van Helsing, Dorian Gray and Doctor Frankenstein chasing vampires. Project is led by John Logan and Sam Mendes. In early January 2013 project has received a series commitment, with production to begin in London in the second half of 2013.

NBC “Camp” dramedy about summer camp. Straight to series pick up, 13 episodes in pipeline. Summer premiere. Greenlit in early January 2013.



[Amazon] “Betas” comedy  about young Silicon Valley entrepreneur trying to raise cash for his big idea.

CBS “The Gabriels” comedy with Robin Williams starring as advertising exec. David E. Kelley to produce. Project pitched at the end of August 2012. Director assigned to pilot at the end of January 2013. Cast: Robin Williams, Rob Riggle

NBC “Hatfields & McCoys” modern day take on family rivalry. Charlize Theron to produce. Director assigned to pilot at the end of January 2013.

ABC “Lucky 7” comedy about lives of seven employees of a service station in Queens after they win lottery with syndicated ticket. Based on British format “The Syndicate”.

ABC “Middle Age Rage” comedy about wife and mother amidst mid life crisis.

ABC “Crazy Gene” Comedy about woman who takes care of two teenage kids who’s parents are in prison. Based on real life story by Andrea Abbate.

ABC “Bad Management” comedy about staff of a high end department store facing new, younger management.

FOX “Gang Related” drama about member of crime syndicate infiltrating ranks of San Francisco PD but finding himself torn between loyalty to his old gang and new friends in line of duty.

FOX “Wild Blue” military drama following staff onboard nuclear aircraft carrier. This project was pitched for last season, but was shelved. Project is independent from the untitled Russel Friend & Garrett Lerner project of similar premise selected by Fox earlier this year.

NBC “Brenda Forever” comedy set in two time lines and following the same woman as teenager and thirty something woman. Ellie Kemper informally set as a lead.

NBC “Wonderland” drama set in the world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland. CSI creator involved. The CW purchased similar project earlier on this year.

ABC “Gothica” gothic soap incorporating mashup of storylines from fin de siecle mythology – Dracula, Dorian Gray, Jekyll and Hyde etc.

ABC “Reckless” court room drama about two Charlestone lawyers battle in a police sex scandal case.

ABC “Big Thunder” drama about brilliant 19th century NY doctor relocating to small mining town. Based on Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain roller-coaster ride

CBS “The Surgeon General” drama project about Surgeon General battling politics and business to ensure health of the nation. From creator of “Lie To Me”.

CBS “Bad Teacher” comedy series adaptation of 2011 movie by the same title about rude and crude materialistic trophy wife turned high school teacher. Cast: Ari Graynor, David Alan Grier

The CW “Blink” drama about family whose father suffers from coma like symptoms after car accident.

The CW “Tomorrow People” sci fi show about international group of advanced evolution people with special powers fighting evil. Remake of 1970ies British show of the same title. Project surfaced in mid November 2012. Pilot now green lit.

CBS “Mom” comedy about single mom who tries to find sobriety and new life in Napa Valley. Chuck Lorre to produce. Cast: Anna Faris, Allison Janney

ABC “Doubt” procedural about a former cop turned lawyer who uses his street smarts to help his clients. From David Shore. Pilot production commitment announced after short bidding war with CBS in mid September 2012.

The CW “Reign” fantastical reimagining of the story around teenage Mary The Queen of Scots. Project sold in late October 2012.

ABC “Killer Women” procedural drama about beautiful but brave female member of predominantly male based Texas Rangers. Based on the Argentine series “Mujeres Asesinas”.

The CW “The Hundred” post apocalyptic drama set hundred years after destruction of earth where now orbit based humankind survivors attempt Earth re-colonization by releasing hundred youngsters to the surface of the planet.

ABC “Influence” Drama about two brothers – bipolar psychological mastermind and clever conman — solving client’s problems in unique and manipulative ways. Project from Lone Star and Awake creator Kyle Killen. Put pilot commitment announced in early September 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

The CW “Oxygen” alien drama following near future high school program attempting to integrate a group of stranded and segregated by force humanoid aliens with general teenage population.

ABC “She’s Got Balls” (formerly “Safe At Home”) comedy about driven, divorced, single mother who has to move back with her father. Pilot production commitment issued in early September 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013. James Caan to star.

ABC “Spy” Adaptation of UK series of the same title about single father who quits his lame job just to be accidentally recruited by intelligence  agency. Put pilot commitment issues mid August 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

FX Untitled comedy about couple who decide to invite mistress to their marriage to save their relationship.

NBC Untitled comedy project focusing on young musician who becomes music teacher at school.

FOX “Boomerang” drama about family who serve as assassins for government.

NBC Untitled comedy loosely based on life of SNL scribe John Mulaney.

FOX Untitled Warner Bros. TV/Bad Robot-produced J.J. Abrams sci fi procedural set in not too distant future where LAPD cops are partnered with human resembling androids. Pilot production commitment announced in early September 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

NBC “Undateable” comedy about two polar opposite men brought together by their inability to pick up women. Script commitment with penalty received in mid October 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013

CBS “The Advocates” Drama about lawyer and ex-con who team up to defend victims and “right wrongs”. From creator of “The Mentalist”. Director assigned to pilot in late January 2013.

FOX “Two wrongs” comedy about couple who’s friends think they’re wrong for each other. Michele Morgan to write. Project was purchased in late August 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

FOX “Enlisted” comedy about three brothers working together in the Army at a small base in Florida. From co-creator of “Cougar Town” co-creator Kevin Biegel . Project got deal with penalty at the beginning of September 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

HBO “Togetherness” comedy about two couples living under the same roof. Written by Duplass brothers.

ABC “The Returned” drama based around worldwide event in which loved ones are returned to their families. Based on upcoming novel by Jason Mott.

ABC Untitled modern Romeo and Juliet style drama setup in Venice, California. From producer of “The O.C.” McG. Put pilot commitment announced on August 6, 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013

ABC “Betrayal” drama about unhappily married woman who starts affair with a lawyer defending case against her prosecutor husband in a murder trial. Based on the 2011 Dutch series Overspel. Put in development at the end of August 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013

ABC “Pulling” comedy about three single women in mid thirties moving in together after one of them breaks off engagement. Based on 2006 British series of the same title. Script commitment with penalty announced in mid September 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013

CBS “Friends With Better Lives” comedy about group of friends in their mid thirties envious about each others lives.

FOX “Delirium” futuristic drama set in a world where love is illegal and can be eradicated by special procedure. Usher production. Based on books by Lauren Oliver

CBS “Backstrom” Detective drama based on books by Swedish criminologist Leif G.W. Persson. From creator of Bones. Pilot commitment reported 30 June 2012. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

FOX “The List” procedural drama focusing on US Marshall leading investigation around murders of people from witness protection list.

CBS “Beverly Hills Cop” based on movies of the same title. Project from Eddie Murphy and “The Shield” creator Shawn Ryan announced end of August 2012. CBS signed pilot production commitment at the start of September. Pilot ordered in late January 2013. Cast: Brandon T. Jackson

FOX “Sleepy Hollow” Modern day adaptation involving female sheriff as Ichabod Crane. Put order from FOX after initial unsuccessful pitch to The CW, CBS, ABC and NBC networks. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

NBC Untitled comedy about single guy has to juggle parenting his 14-year-old daughter and pleasing demanding new boss at work. Sean Hayes attached as lead. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

FOX “House Rules” comedy about neurotic family trying to adapt to new place in town where everyone knows each other.

NBC “The Sixth Gun” mystery drama about dark forces awakening after young girl comes across one of six mythical guns in the Old West.

FOX “Friends And Family” romcom about long distance relationship based on  2007 British low brow niche series “Gavin & Stacey”.

NBC “Girlfriend In A Coma” comedy about woman in mid thirties waking up from coma to discover she has 17 year old daughter.

FOX “To My Assistant” legal drama about revolves around the assistants at a big New York law firm who stick together to cope with their demanding bosses.

NBC “Then Came Elvis” comedy  loosely based on young DJ Nash’s life and focusing on a family reuniting when the parents divorce. Jason Bateman to produce. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

NBC “Holding Paterns” comedy focusing on group of friends whose lives completely change after they survive a plane crash.

NBC “Welcome To The Family” (formerly “Chuey & Me”) comedy about cultural crash of white and latino families after relationship among members of both result in unplanned pregnancy. Surfaced in late January 2013.

The CW “Company Town” drama revolving around scandal at a Naval base in Virginia and impact it has on multiple families.

The CW “The Selection” Hunger Games’-sque fantasy fiction set 300 years in the future where protagonist is chosen by lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn country. Based on the book by Kiera Cass. Original pilot bombed in early 2012, The CW decided to re-develop to another pilot with different cast and crew. New pilot order issued in late January 2013.

[Bravo] “Rita” comedy about struggles of private school teacher with her own three teenage children and red tape of modern school rules. Announced at the start of December 2012. Director assigned to pilot in late January 2013. Cast: Anna Gunn

TNT Untitled bounty hunter drama based on real life character of Mackenzie Green. Geena Davis set as lead. Pilot ordered in late January 2013.

TNT “Murder In The First” drama following San Francisco PD detectives investigating high profile Silicon Valley murder.

CBS “The Ordained” drama about member of influential family leaving priesthood to become a lawyer in order to prevent death of his politically involved sister.

CBS “The McCarthys”  comedy about big Irish catholic family from Boston. Put pilot commitment issued at the beginning of October 2012. Pilot green lit mid January 2013.

NBC “Donor Party” single camera comedy about bachelor who discovers he has multiple children after being a sperm donor in his early adulthood.

CBS Untitled multicamera comedy focusing on a recently divorced man after his parents move in with him.

NBC “Assistance” workplace comedy about assistant balancing her life and trying to please her boss. Will Ferrell production.

CBS “Super Clyde” comedy about fast food worker who decides to become superhero. Pilot green lit in mid January 2013.

CBS “Hostages” Bruckheimer drama about family caught in the middle of a political conspiracy. Production commitment issued at the beginning of October 2012. Pilot green lit in mid January 2013. Cast: Toni Colette.

NBC Untitled single camera comedy about twentysomethings dating life through the eyes of group of friends.

NBC Untitled single camera comedy pilot presentation revolving around Jessica Simpson.

NBC “Joe & Joe & Jane” comedy about children book author caught in conflict between his co-author and own wife. Originally received pilot commitment in October 2012, pilot was ordered middle of January 2013. Cast: Sally Pressman

The CW “The Originals” direct “Vampire Diaries” spin off about origins of the blood sucking family in French Quarters of New Orleans. Story will be introduced as backdoor pilot, a stand alone episode of Vampire Diaries on April 25, 2013. Cast: Daniel Gillies

NBC “About A Boy” dramedy focusing on unlikely relationship between “forever bachelor” and an awkward, single parented young boy. Based on book by Nick Hornby and film of the same title. Project surfaced end of September 2012,. Pilot ordered mid January 2013.

FOX Untitled comedy about detectives in a New York suburb precinct. Michael Schur/Dan Goor production. Commitment announced in late August 2012. Andy Samberg is set as lead. Pilot order issued in early January 2013. Cast: Andy Samberg, Terry Crews

NBC “I Am Victor” legal drama about mean and unbeatable divorce attorney. Based on novels by Jo Nesbo. Pitched as “Dr.House of divorce attorneys”. Pilot order issued in early January 2013.

CBS Untitled comedy about a guy who lives with his wife and five kids in a small two bedroom New York apartment. Put pilot commitment announced in mid September 2012. Pilot ordered in January 2013. Jim Gaffigan set as lead.

NBC “Bloodline” modern day mythological thriller about a young woman abandoned at birth by a family of ancient mercenaries. Project surfaced in late November 2012. Pilot order issued in January 2013

[Logo] Untitled 1960ies adult drama from Cher. No details or title were provided. Pilot script order issued in early January 2013.



HBO “All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go” comedy based on life of New York personal shopper Betty Halbreich. Lena Dunham to produce and potentially star.

NBC Untitled comedy series written and starring Roseanne Barr.

[Amazon] “Zombieland” Amazon is reportedly in advanced talks regarding series based on movie of the same title.

Showtime “The 4th Reich” drama focusing on neo-Nazi movement in South Boston. Robert DeNiro production. Announced in late January 2013

HBO “Masters of The Air” (working title) World War II miniseries from Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks based on a book by Donald L. Miller. Rights acquired in mid January 2013.

FOX “Blood Brothers” based on true story of the West Point Class of 1861 drama miniseries about military school friends and classmates torn apart by civil war. Project news surfaced in early January 2013

FOX “Wayward Pines” miniseries drama about secret service agent investigating mysterious disappearance of his colleagues in small town. M. Night Shyamalan involved. Based on novel by Blake Crouch.

ABC “Tomorrow” procedural drama about an FBI agent trapped in a time anomaly. Project has script-to-series commitment, if ABC accepts the script an automatic 13 episode series order will be issued.

Starz “Crime” drama about rise of organized crime in 1960ies London. Written by by Oscar winner William Monahan.

FOX “Bob’s New Heart Show” (working title) medical comedy focusing on young talented doctor who re-evaluates his life and priorities after receiving heart transplant. Conan O’Brien production. Project surfaced in early January 2013



Freemantle media is reportedly looking to remake Canal Plus supernatural drama “Les Revenants” for English audience. News surfaced in mid January 2013.

Sky and Canal+ are discussing possibility of joint English-French adaptation of scandinavian crime series “Broen”. Separate English language adaption was already greenlit earlier on this year by FX, but perhaps the two foreign networks want to try with alternative take? Surfaced in early January 2013.

Sarah Michele Gellar is allegedly attached to untitled mum comedy project at 20th Century Fox TV. Leaked in early January 2013



TNT “Trooper” Originally pitched to CBS in February 2012 story of a mother turned state trooper in NY county. Jerry Bruckheimer production. Original benched CBS pilot cast included Mira Sorvino, Jay Hernandez, Timothee Chalamet, Quinn Shephard, Lily Pilblad, Anna Wood. Mira Sorvino returns as lead for the second pilot. Announced in early September 2012. Pilot 2 Cast: Mira Sorvino, Brooke Nevin, Alimi Ballard, Alex Shaffer, Eion Bailey. Following pickup of “King & Maxwell” second pilot did not secure series order and the project is shelved for the third time.



LIFETIME “The Secret Lives of Wives”  (working title) Based on book by Iris Krasnow about marriages of four different women. Cast: Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Lauren Bittner, Kim Raver, Joe Flanigan. After reviewing pilot in mid January 2013 network will not be going forward with the project.

FOX “Guilty” Defense attorney falsely convicted of fraud and stripped of license helps solving crimes. With: Cuba Gooding Jr, Jay Harrington, Julian Morris “Hollywood Reporter” reckons studio passed. All the lead actors had their “options” extended in June 2012, with possibility of the show being picked to series for fall 2013 season. In mid January 2013 network has officially passed on the project.

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