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/Last update April 26, 2013/ Continuation of the monthly countdown of all the new series in making and development. For full list of next seasons new scripts and ideas pitched  to networks in the last months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2012/2013 


The CW “The Originals” direct “Vampire Diaries” spin off about origins of the blood sucking family in French Quarters of New Orleans. Story will be introduced as backdoor pilot, a stand alone episode of Vampire Diaries on April 25, 2013. Cast: Daniel Gillies, Claire Holt, Joseph Morgan, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Danielle Campbell.

ABC “Chasing Life” (formerly “Terminales” soap about young woman diagnosed with a terminal illness. Based on Mexican soap of the same title. Script purchased in summer 2011.  Cast: Italia Ricci, Aisha Dee. 13 episode initial order.

[DirecTV] “Full Circle” psychological drama presented as a series of conversations between eleven people unknowingly interconnected with each other. 10 episode order.

Starz “Fortitude” dark adult drama about small Arctic circle town shaken by murder of a scientist. Co-production with Sky Atlantic in UK. 10 episodes order.

[Adult Swim] “Hole to Hole” 15 minute comedy series parodying 80ies detective shows. Cast: Arden Myrin

[NickMom] “Instant Mom” comedy about party girl who becomes full time step mom when she marries an older father of three kids. Pilot originally ordered by Nick At Nite. Cast: Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Michael Boatman, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Sydney Park, Tylen Williams and Damarr Calhoun.


[A&E] “Whitey” comedy about conservative guy in his forties struggling to get in grips with evolving and liberal world around him. Cast:  David Koechner

AMC “Line Of Sight” drama revolving around character who encountered first contact with aliens.

MTV “Scream” based on relentless slasher horror franchise of the same title.

[Syfy] “High Moon” sci fi drama revolving around discovery of new life form in one of the mining colonies on the Moon. Bryan Fuller’s project.  Adaptation of colonial sci-fi story “The Lotus Caves” by John Christopher.

NBC Untitled “Chicago Fire” procedural spin off focusing on Chicago police unit and public safety organizations surrounding it in daily tasks. Surfaced in March 2013. Casting process started in April 2013. Cast: Tania Raymonde, Scott Eastwood

HBO “Open” drama about human sexuality and relationships from “Glee” co-creator.

[Cinemax] “Quarry” drama about veteran sniper who, upon his return home from war is recruited as a contract killer. Based on novels by Max Allan Collin.


HBO “Monster” drama about worldwide search for the most evil sociopath in existence organised by a young doctor. Guillermo Del Toro involved. Based on 18 volumes of Japanese Manga comic book by Naoki Urasawa

USA “Smother” comedy about thirty something man with three mothers from his parents re-marry other women.

FX “Shakedown” drama set in 1950ies world of Los Angeles tabloid press. Based on novella by James Ellroy.

MTV Untitled project by Ben Epstein set in theme park. No further details available at this point.

AMC “Ashland” drama set against background of communist witch hunt in 1950ies Hollywood focusing on wife and family of a blacklisted screenwriter moving to small mining town in Kentucky.

AMC “Ballistic City” futuristic drama revolving around former cop joining underworld of multigenerational space ship heading towards distant world. John Kosinski involved.

HBO “Down Lo” multithreaded drama exploring backstage aspects behind world of music, fashion and sports in Miami’s South Beach. From John Legend.

History Untitled mini series about Harry Houdini. Adrien Brody rumoured as lead.

Starz “Airborne” drama following helicopter crew during Vietnam war.

[Syfy] “Shelter” utopian story of 30,000 survivors of meteorite crash living in an underground shelter. “Deep Impact” writer involved.

[Syfy] “Silver Shields” fantasy drama about farm boy made police detective who travels to large city to investigate his fathers assassination and encounters world of magic and orcs.

[Syfy] “Infinity” drama about a team of astronauts travelling through the wormhole into new universes after attempt to greet alien armada entering our solar system ends in battle. One of the “Lost” writers involved.

[Syfy] “Clandestine” Sci fi adventure about mercenaries masquerading as intergalactic fleet. Syfy started developing the idea with Universal Cable Prods mid August 2012

[Syfy] “Sojourn” space procedural drama about detective investigating murder on spaceship heading for new colony and getting entangled in conspiracy extending half a century.

[Syfy] “Orion” drama about relic hunter unearthing ancient artefacts that could bring end to intergalactic war.

AMC Untitled “Breaking Bad” comedy spinoff based around character of lawyer Saul Goodman.

[Syfy] Untitled drama project following survivors of a plane crash caused by meteorite. NCIS scribe involved.

[Cinemax] “The Straits” drama revolving around powerful and dangerous crime family of traffickers. Based on 2012 Australian series of the same title.

FX “They Marched Into Sunlight” six part limited war series exploring events during Vietnam war. Based on novel by David Maraniss.


Untitled “L.A. Confidential” sequel is apparently being shopped to various networks by the creator of 90ies cinema hit. News surfaced in late April 2013.

“Saboteurs” international drama series about the underground resistance in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II.

“Open” drama about human sexuality and relationships from “Glee” co-creator. No network details yet.

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