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/Last update November 18, 2013/ The latest of the monthly “wall of text” countdown detailing all the new series in making and development during season 2012/2013.
For the full list of all new pilots, scripts and ideas pitched, ditched, picked up and burried in the last few months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2013/2014



FOX “Gracepoint”  event drama focused on a murder investigation in small town. Remake of British series “Broadchurch”. Cast: David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Jacki Weaver. 10 episodes in pipeline.

CBS “How I Met Your Dad” – “How I Met Your Mother” spin off told from female perspective outside of the immediate circle of HIMYM characters.

NBC “Working The Engels” drama about family facing debt and turmoil after head of the family passes away. 12 episode order. Cast: Andrea Martin, Kacey Rohl, Azura Skye, Benjamin Arthur

USA “Dig” event drama based around FBI agent in Jerusalem who while investigating murder of a archaeologist comes across millennia old conspiracy threatening entire civilisation. Based on Israeli format. Six episodes ordered.

FX “The Strain” Vampiric/paranormal drama from  Guillermo del Toro. Based on books by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. Straight pitch to pilot order in mid September 2012. Cast: Mia Maestro, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, John Hurt, Lauren Lee Smith, Miguel Gomez, Jack Kesy, Sean Astin, Natalie Brown. 13 episode order.

FOX “Everest” event drama focusing on group of climbers conquering Mt. Everest. 10 episode limited series with possibility of indirect followup series.

“From Dusk Till Dawn” – vampire horror based on Quentin Tarrantino movie. Cast:  Don Johnson, DJ Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Eiza González. 10 episode order.



FOX “Here’s Your Damn Family” comedy centring on 30something man living with his mother and life changes after her new husband moves in with kids. Cast contingent order.

The CW “Flash” DC comics superhero project revolving around Barry Allen/Flash, initially planned as an 3 episode plot within “Arrow” series. Now upgraded to stand alone pilot.

NBC “Bad Judge” comedy about judge in a criminal court system living on the edge. Will Ferrell and Anne Heche to produce. Announced in mid November 2012. Off cycle pilot rumored in March 2013,  Kate Walsh set as lead.

[Cinemax] “Blanco” drama involving latino gangster turned informant exploiting his status to build criminal empire. Cast: Shiloh Fernandez

Comedy Central “Crazy House” single camera comedy about two co-workers who after sending their boss into coma plead insanity and get send to mental institution.

FOX “Fatrick” single camera comedy about former fat kid trying to shake off mental image of being underdog.

ABC “An American Education”  comedy following unorthodox teamed in San Diego public school. Remake of British comedy “Bad Education”.



NBC “Losin’ It” workplace comedy revolving around weigh loss centre under new management of one of its old clients. Based on autobiographical experiences of YouTube personality Shane Dawson.

FOX “Wunderland” workplace comedy set in theme park.

NBC Untitled ensemble comedy taking place among hospital staff and doctors of St. Genevieve’s Hospital.

The CW Untitled drama project about terrorist sleeper cell at a top New York university.

HBO “The Last Tycoon” drama following film execs rise to power in 1930ies Hollywood. Based on unfinished last novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

FX “Rasputin” limited series drama focusing on infamous Russian mystic and his rise to position among imperial family.

NBC “Stand-Up Guy” comedy revolving around stand up comedian struggling to match career with family responsibilities.

BBC “Dangerous Liaisons” drama of cunning seduction and betrayal based on Choderlos de Laclos novel and movie of the same title.

[Syfy] “Beowulf” drama about rise to power and epic struggle against monsters – an adaptation of old English heroic tale/poem of the same title.

“Ghost” drama project based on 90ies love story movie of the same title.

HBO “Mr. Director” paradocumentary style comedy following Salim Akil on the path to become top show runner/director.

[Cinemax] “Outcast” exorcism drama following young man susceptible to demonic possessions since childhood. Based on comic books by Robert Kirkman,

The CW “Tales From The Dark Side” reboot of 1980ies mystery series focusing on creepy and unexplained.

FOX “Three The Hard Way” comedy about NBA star juggling career and parental duties. Based on experiences of Dwyane Wade.

FOX “Red Band Society” quasi medical drama seen through the eyes of teenagers living in a city hospital. Based on spanish series “Polseres Vermelles”

FOX Untitled half an hour series based on life and experiences of comedian Trevor Noah.

HBO “The Right Mistake” drama about ex convict imprisoned for 27 years seeking redemption. Based on series of novels by Walter Mosley. Laurence Fishburne attached as lead.

Starz “Flesh And Bone” drama following young ballet dancer as she makes into prestigious dance company in New York.

NBC “Two To Go” comedy series based around two single guys in a group of married friends. Jason Bateman attached as lead.

FX “Jen” comedy about newly divorced woman in her 30ies changing her life around. Jen Kirkman to star.

[Netfllix] At least four, 13-episode per season Marvel superhero series featuring characters of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Shows spanning over several years years starting 2015 and culminating with a miniseries “The Defenders”

CBS “Secrets Of Happy Families” drama about counter insurgency specialist returning back from Afghanistan to his police unit and employing techniques he learned in the field to tackle violent gang crimes.

NBC Untitled comedy based on life of a standup comedian Erik Rivera.

LIFETIME “Blackout” soap about woman with failed career returning to her home town to live with her siblings.

ABC “American Monster” comedy about a woman who unexpectedly becomes celebrity when she goes on trial for murder.

NBC Untitled comedy about love and relationships starring Ann Heche.

The CW “iZombie” supernatural procedural/zombie drama based on books by DC Comics.

FOX Untitled comedy project about mother clashing with her pregnant daughter. Molly Shannon to star.

FOX “Ball And Chain” drama set around two romantically invested intelligence operatives running missions together.

ABC “Poor Pam” comedy focusing on relentless but ultimately unsuccessful and broke sister to a celebrity.

HBO “Headhunters” dark comedy about corporate headhunter become target of unknown individual. Based on novel by  Jo Nesbø.

TBS “Tribeca” spoof comedy mocking crime procedurals following detective at LAPD’s Really Heinous Crimes Unit. Steve Carell to produce.

FOX “Pomona Kings” drama of two rivalling families running car shops and drag racing teams in Southern California.

The CW “The Painted Girls” drama set in decadent world of Paris at the end of 18th century. Based on the book by Cathy Marie Buchanan.

History “Roots” drama following man captured and sold to slavery for plantation work. Remake of iconic 1970ies series of the same title. Based on book by Alex Haley

Starz “Heartbeats” dramedy of relationship that never materialised told through the eyes of two people that would be perfect for each other if only the circumstances were different.

ABC “Greta Stone” procedural about a cop with turbulent past with uncanny ability to solve crimes.

FX “Texts From Bennett” half hour comedy about rapper and his drug smoking teenage cousin living together.

ABC “Changes” comedy about long term friendship of two guys after one of them becomes a woman.



“The Son” limited series about rise and fall of one of the Texas oil empires. Based on novel by Philipp Meyer.

“Pantheon” superhero series about Greek gods returning to destroyed earth to fight for human kind. Based on Michael Chiklis‘ IDW comic book series.



ABC “Body Of Proof” possible resurrection of the show cancelled after three seasons was twitted in October. Network and cast decided to move on.



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