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/Last update October 31, 2013/ The latest of the monthly “wall of text” countdown detailing all the new series in making and development during season 2012/2013.
For the full list of all new pilots, scripts and ideas pitched, ditched, picked up and burried in the last few months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2013/2014



PBS “Vicious” comedy about aged gay couple in constant disagreement with themselves and surrounding world. British ITV series starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacob

NBC “Welcome To Sweden” comedy about New York accountant who follows his girlfriend to her native Sweden. Scandinavian TV4 first English language production. Cast: Greg Poehler, Josephine Bornebusch, Lena Olin, Illeana Douglas and Patrick Duffy



NBC Untitled comedy project about a woman who escapes doomsday cult and settles in New York. Tina Fey involved. Straight to series 13 episode order.

ABC “Secrets & Lies” drama about family man who becomes prime suspect after finding body a boy. Based on Australian drama of the same title. 10 episode order.

MTV “Happyland” soapy comedy revolving around workers in a popular theme park. Cast: Bianca Santos, Zulay Henao, Shane Harper, Katherine McNamara, Cameron Moulene. 8 episodes ordered

MTV “Faking It” comedy about two best friends trying to be popular in high school. Cast: Bailey Buntain, Gregg Sulkin, Katie Stevens, Michael Willett, Rita Volk. 8 episode initial order.

FOX “Hieroglyphs” drama set in ancient Egypt and focusing on on a thief who’s spared his life to serve as special tasks man for the Pharaoh. Project originally pitched in 2011 now scheduled for 2014/15. 14 episode initial order.

[Netflix] Untitled psychological drama set against family background. From creators of “Damages”. 13 episode order.

FX “Telemark” 10 episode miniseries drama about Norwegian resistance fighters trained by British Intelligence on a mission to sabotage Hitler’s nuclear development program during World War II. Director, writer and producer of “Slumdog Millionaire” involved.

[National Geographic] “Act Of Valor” drama following Navy seal parachute rescue unit tasked with recovery and medical treatment of personnel in humanitarian and combat environments. Based on 2012 feature film of the same title.

CBS “Extant” sci fi project about family with android child. Bidding war between major networks is rumoured with winner expected to be issue straight to series commitment. Surfaced at the beginning of August 2013. 13 episode straight to series order at the beginning of October 2013. Cast: Halle Berry

[Hallmark] “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” (formerly “Dead Letters”) comedy about group of people working in Dead Letter Office who are tasked with delivering every lost letter in the system to its destination. Cast: Daphne Zuniga, Kristin Booth, Crystal Lowe and Geoff Gustafson. 10 episode order set for second quarter of 2014 in addition to the two hour backdoor pilot scheduled for broadcast on October 12, 2013.

FOX Untitled comedy loosely based on life of SNL scribe John Mulaney. Cast: John Mulaney, Elliott Gould, Martin Short, Griffin Newman, Nasim Pedrad, Seaton Smith. Previously pitched to NBC. Secured six episode initial order at the start of October 2013.



[Amazon] “The After” drama about eight strangers thrown together to fight mysterious forces.

[Amazon] “Bosch” procedural focusing on LAPD detective in pursuit of child killer while standing trial for unlawful killing of a suspect. Based on characters from book series by Michael Connelly.

TNT “Public Morals” period drama set among officers of New York City’s Public Morals Division in 1960ies. Ed Burns to star.

USA “Benched” comedy about ambitious corporate attorney becoming public defender after nervous breakdown.

ABC Untitled comedy about a older man’s relationship with his son in law. Henry Winkler attached as lead.

FOX Untitled drama set in fifties Hawaii and focusing on small time hustler trying to execute revenge on the most powerful family on the island for the murder of his brother.

NBC “Babylon Fields” yet another zombie project telling story about dead small town residents coming back to life. Originally pitched in 2007 and 2008.

CBS “Damascus” legal drama revolving around nun practising law on behalf of the poor and unfortunate. America Ferrera set as lead. Put pilot commitment.

NBC “Growing Ivy” comedy focusing on overachieving daughter trying to restore balance in her life by asking her eccentric mother to move in with her. Real mother/daughter duo of  Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino set as leads. Production commitment issued.

CBS Untitled drama about a guy with fourth highest IQ in the world setting up company of super intellects to solve worlds problems.

The CW Untitled conspiracy drama revolving around young woman recruited by CIA to infiltrate her biological family of Texas magnates with ties to criminal underworld across the globe. Based on Israeli format “Dance Of The Hours” by Orna Raiz

CBS “More Time With Family” comedy about performer who gives up touring life on stage to spend more time with family. Cast: Tom Papa. Put pilot commitment.

Comedy Central “Checked Out” workplace comedy about two two cousins trying to run youth hostel without any experience.

USA “Rush” fast paced drama about off the records concierge doctor to high clientele.

USA “Novice” drama following young man who after unsuccessful attempts to find stable employment returns to home town and gets involved with Korean mob to pay off his family’s debt.

USA “Complications” drama revolving around complications following incident in which ER doctor saves life of a young man wounded in drive by shooting and kills one of the attackers.

Showtime “Crazy Ex Girlfriend” comedy about woman stalking her ex.

ABC “Allegiance” conspiracy drama focusing on young female FBI agent who pursues her own mother as the most wanted terrorist.

NBC “Cuckoo” single camera comedy about family dynamics changing after the only daughter returns from summer abroad with new unbearable boyfriend. Based on British format starring Andy Samberg.

FOX “My Ex Life” comedy about successful entrepreneur undergoing divorce clashing with his ex-wives new boyfriend.

[Amazon] “The Outlaws” drama exploring wold of professional football from perspective of players and support staff. Cast: Natalie Zea

[Amazon] “Mozart In The Jungle” comedy about “sex, drugs and classical music”. Base on memoir of the same title by Blair Tindall

ABC “Strange Calls” comedy about cop moved to night watch on outskirts of Nantucket island, where he teams up with lighthouse keeper to investigate  unexplained events. Based on an Australian series of the same title. Project originally reached put pilot stage in autumn 2012, cast contingent pilot order issued in early October 2013.

CBS “Little Mom” comedy about three moms from Brooklyn high rise helping each other though everyday struggles. Based in Israeli series “Haverot” . Put pilot commitment.

ABC Untitled comedy about divorced couple trying to maintain their friendship for the sake of the kids. Based on Kevin Hart stand up comedy. Put pilot commitment.

NBC Untitled family comedy project revolving around couple with adult children. From the creators of “Friends” and “Seinfeld”.

NBC “Tin Man” futuristic psychological triller about fugitive android accused of murder.

FOX Untitled comedy with musical elements following musician single dad who takes time of to reconnect with his teenage daughter. Harry Connick Jr set to star.

HBO “These Things Happen” half hour comedy about gay and straight couples sharing the same son. Based on novel by Richard Kramer.

FOX “The Last Man On Earth” comedy about two strangers who must overcome their differences in order to save the earth.

ABC “Galavant” musical comedy following handsome prince on the quest to reunite with his one true love stolen by evil king.

[TV Land] “Jennifer Falls” comedy about single mother with high paid job getting fired and moving with her mom. Cast:  Jaime Pressly, Nora Kirkpatrick, Joel David Moore, Jessica Walter


ABC “The Order” drama set among Yale’s famous Skull And Bones secret society. Based on non fiction novel by Alexandra Robbins.

The CW “The Avenger” fantastical drama about a young woman who on the quest to avenge her parents death stumbles across superpower allowing her to modify her appearance. Based on pulp series by Street & Smith.

Starz “Wonderworld” drama about FBI sting operation against mob controlled porn industry of the 1980ies. Owen Willson involved.

CBS Untitled “How I Met Your Mother” spin off told from female perspective outside of the immediate circle of HIMYM characters. Possibly “How I Met Your Father” format.

FOX “Street Soldier” drama following boxer and drug dealer as an enforcer for New Englands crime syndicate.  Peter Facinelli attached as lead.

[A&E] “Harvest” drama revolving around undertaker involved in body trade business by his own father.

The CW “The Perfectionists” mystery murder drama based on book series by Sara Shepard.

NBC “One Kick” drama based around former abductee who gets employed by mysterious billionaire to hunt predators and kidnappers. Based on book by Chelsea Cain.

Showtime Untitled autobiographical half hour comedy based on life and adventures of stand up comedian Moshe Kasher who’s also set as lead.

FOX “The Ascendant” thriller about young broker who uncovers conspiracy of global proportions. Based on novel by Drew Chapman

NBC “Gone For Good” drama about one man’s twisty and treacherous search for his missing brother. Based on novel by Harlan Coben

CBS “Alleged” legal drama focusing on attorney defending his brother accused of murdering his wife.

ABC “Crime Reporter” drama following tabloid reporter in search for truth. Based on Swedish series “Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter”

“The Swede”/”The Already Dead” drama about Swedish secret service operative summoned to help CIA investigation of terrorist plot. Based on Robert Karjel novel “De Redan Döda”. No network attached. Alexander Skarsgård rumoured as a lead.

CBS Untitled comedy project by Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green about dysfunctional lifestyle guru and his assistant.

NBC Untited comedy project about two overachievers reigniting old rivalry after getting fired from online press jobs.

NBC “Law Man” legal drama following ex-basketball star who turns from robber and inmate to country’s greatest lawyer and officer of D.C. District Attorneys Investigative Unit.

NBC Untitled comedy about a lesbian and her straight male best friend who get pregnant just as he meets and marries the love of his life. Ellen Degeneres to produce.

NBC “Remy Chandler” procedural comedy about an angel who becomes private eye. Based on character from book series by Thomas Sniegoski

NBC “Murder She Wrote” detective drama about book writer pairing with hospital administrator to solve crimes. Reboot of a 1980ies series of the same title. Octavia Spencer attached as lead.

Starz “Most Wanted” drama set in 1970ies focusing on notorious bank robber from FBI’s most wanted list.

NBC “Pulling Teeth” comedy revolving around dentist who recently discovered that her surgeon husband has been having an affair with a pharmaceutical sales rep.

CBS “Fast Forward” drama about homicide detective and her medical examiner ex husband. Based on Austrian drama of the same title.

The CW Untitled period drama exploring Malibu surfing scene of the sixties.

ABC “The Point” drama about single mother moving with two kids to seventies Malibu. Based on Rob Lowe’s autobiographical novel “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”

NBC Untitled supernatural project following people who are given new start after anonymous organ donation gives them superhuman abilities.

The CW “Players” drama about young woman who moves to Hollywood to avenge her sisters death and becomes a convenience wife for to a closeted movie star.

FOX Untitled comedy about single mother working in in recreational centre of  a retirement home.

ABC “Nine: Nine Time Travels” thriller about a man who travels 20 years back in time to prevent death in his family but triggers chain of events that change his life. Based on Korean series of the same title.

CBS “Charmed” drama about sisters battling forces of evil using witchcraft. Reboot of a The CW drama of the same title.

[Amazon] “Grand Ave” period drama set in early 20th century about  transformation of Los Angeles.

ABC “American Crime” drama set around racially motivated crime told through the eyes of victims and the accused.

CBS “Skin Deep” comedy revolving around beauty salon owner and her newly employed male stylist.

FOX “Odd Couple Families” comedy revolving around two couples and their divorced parents brought together by kids.

ABC “Body Of Proof” possible resurrection of the show cancelled after three seasons.

CBS “On The Fence” comedy about group of twenty somethings entering adult life

FOX “The Family” comedy about working family in small town of Bakersfield.

TNT “Anonymous” conspiracy drama about ex special forces officer who uncovers global cover up.

CBS “Nicky” half hour comedy set in a multi generation household in New Jersey. Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin and Nick Zano project.

ABC “Roommates” comedy about a playboy sharing his apartment with a messy guy who saved his life.

ABC Untitled “officer + unusual sidekick” procedural focusing on FBI agent paired with Las Vegas magician to solve crimes.

ABC “The Laws Of Attraction” legal drama about female lawyer who teams up with rough, lower class guy to save her family’s firm.

ABC “Sins” soap drama about widow seducing wealthy brother of an attorney she tries to outsmart.

ABC Untitled comedy about an ordinary man who talks a wealthy woman off the ledge and gets employed by her as the head of the company she owns. Based on argentinian format “Los Roldán”, show already spawned licensed franchise in Colombia, Mexico, Greece and Cyprus

ABC “Philip Marlowe” new take on detective series from books by Raymond Chandler.

ABC “Permanent Vacation” comedy about groups of people in a bar at a resort.

FOX Untitled half hour comedy about successful businessman who returns to his home town to discover his adopted family now needs his help.

ABC “Beta” futuristic utopian drama about society where genetically created clones work for wealthy people. Based on book by Rachel Cohn.

CBS “The Shrine” drama set in struggling Catholic hospital in L.A. and revolving around miraculous curing of a cancer patient. Based on upcoming book by Gareth Wootton.

CBS “Black Oak” drama focusing on a woman who inherits haunted hotel.

FOX “Massholes” comedy about highly intelligent nerd who’s stuck in small Massachusetts town full of half wits.

ABC “The Astronaut Wives Club” limited run based on true story drama focusing on wifes of NASA astronauts. Based on book by Lily Koppel.

NBC Untitled soap drama project set around an influential family running powerful Texas church/congregation

The CW “Boots” drama about young men and women joining U.S. Marine Corps Boot Camp on Parris Island, SC.

FOX “Atlantis” mystery drama revolving around two estranged brothers who embark on a mission to find lost city of Atlantis using state of the art vessel.

FOX “Freelancers” comedy about young lawyer who has to share office space with random bunch of freelancers.

NBC “And Lies I Tell My Daughter” comedy centring on a mother who believes policy of truth shouldn’t always apply in her family.

CBS “Blackwood” legal drama focusing on successful lawyer on a mission to find his wive’s killer.

ABC “Sea Of Fire” drama of murder, disappearances and family secrets after three teenagers star in pornographic film. Based on Dutch format “Vuurzee”

[Discovery] “The Five Families” mob drama following five influential New York families of Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonanno and Colombo.

CBS “Terrible People” half hour comedy about a man who after visit to his father and step mother decides to break the chain of terrible influence and help upbringing their kids. Based on British series of the same title.

ABC “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” half hour comedy revolving around young woman with uncanny talent to make her life a long chain of shameful and embarrassing moments and her family.  Based on book by Jenny Lawson.

ABC “Related” half hour comedy about two families of siblings cross-married and living next to each other.

LIFETIME “Yellow Brick Road” another take on “Wizard of Oz” with what is described as “Game Of Thrones” like multilayer execution.

CBS “Real Deal” drama revolving around  FBI agent and rouge confidential informant on the streets of Los Angeles. Based on 2005 “Glamour” article.

NBC Untitled comedy project focusing on optimistic single mum returning to her old line of work at New York publishing firm just to discover she now works for her former intern. Meg Ryan to star.

NBC Untitled comedy project set at NASA in 1960ies.

NBC “Fifth Wheel” comedy about a girl being the only single person among her friends.

NBC “Timeless” drama about a woman travelling in time between two men she loves.

NBC “Lighthouse” ensemble futuristic drama about hotel for time travellers.

ABC “Bright Young Things” drama set in 1920ies about two women leaving small town for big life in Manhattan. Based on book series by Anna Godbersen.

NBC “The Younger Man” comedy centered on man in his thirties married with kids to a woman decade his senior. Cast: Justin Long. Script commitment with penalty.

CBS “Generation Next” drama about team of investigators in a special unit created to solve crimes against second class citizens who were victimised as former carriers of mysterious virus.

FOX Untitled comedy about underachieving father trying to use his golf prodigy son to create better life for the family.

NBC Untitled comedy project about teen trying to solve her family’s and friend’s problems.

The CW “Colony” sci fi thriller about Mars colonist journey to uncertain future. Based on story of the mysterious disappearance of 16th century British settlers on Roanoke Island.

ABC “Main Street” half hour ensemble comedy about group of friends moving from big town to Mississippi Delta.

NBC “Remington Steele” romantic procedural set around daughter of legendary detectives reopening once renown private eye agency. Remake of 1980ies series of the same title.

FOX “Trial Of The Century” legal thriller revolving around young Latina attorney involved in a high profile case.

FOX Untitled comedy project centering on two grown up guys who become family after their parents marry each other. Melissa McCarthy to produce.

TNT “President X” political drama focused on former president who tries to track down people behind his own assassination attempt after waking up from coma.

CBS “Jigsaw” crime drama following cops, lawyers, prosecutors and city officials of San Francisco.

NBC “The Edge” cop-vs-quirky-sidekick procedural following detective paired with Mexican shaman-turned-cop.

FOX “The End” drama about woman who discovers her marriage and life was a lie when her husband disappears following plane crash. Based on Turkish series “Son”

ABC “Blackish” comedy about middle class African American trying to raise his modern, assimilated kids in tune with their cultural roots.

FOX “School Of Fish” comedy focusing on adventure of fishmongers at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

FOX Untitled comedy about wealthy man who after being rejected by a girl purchases her struggling business in an attempt to remain closer to her.

ABC Untitled multi camera comedy project about single mom from Brooklyn running designer company with her friends.

ABC “My Problem With Women” comedy about bachelor in his thirties undergoing therapy to understand why his relationships fail. Based on Peruvian format. Jason Gann to adapt.

[Cinemax] “Blood & Ice” action drama set in near future and focusing on ruthless race to control natural resources discovered under Arctic ice. US/Scandinavian co-production.

NBC “The Money Pit” comedy following couple purchasing particularly feral house for as do-it-up investment. Based on 1980ies movie of the same title.

ABC “When The Balls Drop” single camera comedy about middle aged divorced man struggles through personal and professional life. Based on upcoming autobiographical book by Brad Garrett who is also set to star in the project.

FOX “Prodigy” drama about teenage female home schooled genius re-entering wild world of public high school.

ABC “Raising Mom” comedy following mother and her grown up son. Based on experiences of Sofia Vergara.

NBC “The Pro” comedy about bankrupt tennis player working as “the pro” coach in tennis and golf club while trying to claw back to the championship. Rob Lowe set as lead. Production commitment issued.

ABC “Just Rewards” drama about financially challenged group of neighbors investigating unsolved crimes for reward money.

ABC “Conviction” drama following mother who takes matters in her own hands after her son is convicted of double murder.

The CW “Exp” drama revolving around drug designed to increase strength and speed leaked into competitive environment of US high schools.

FOX “Broadchurch” drama focused on murder investigation in small town. Remake of British series of the same title. David Tennant attached as possible lead.

CBS “Tigers” legal drama following family of lawyers led by unconventional and demanding mother.

FOX “How To Lead A Life Of Crime” drama about school for criminals. Based on the book by Kirsten Miller.

FOX “False flag” (working title) drama surrounding fictional political assassination and following eight US citizens who find themselves in the centre of international crisis with their faces plastered all over international media as suspects. Based on Israeli format “Shkufim”

CBS Untitled workplace comedy about dysfunctional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team

CBS Untitled comedy featuring young ensemble of friends and “mystery element”.



Unconfirmed four Marvel series spanning 15 episodes each apparently being prepared for VOD cable and online market.

“Limitless” action drama focusing on unsuccessful writer who’s life changes after taking brain enhancing drug. Based on 2011 movie of the same title. Bradley Cooper to produce.

Untitled comedy project involving Kevin James pitched as 10-90 purchase model where if 10 initial episodes are successful it automatically triggers 90 episode order with guaranteed syndication.



[A&E] “Occult” Drama about FBI agent returning from long time under cover assignment just to be paired with paranormal specialist in the newly formed occult task force. Michael Bay production. Cast contingent pilot order announced in early September 2012. Decision of pilot not going forward made in October 2013. Cast: Josh Lucas, Lynn Collins, Agnes Bruckner, Daniel Henney, Brennan Brown 

Comedy Central “Bad Advice From My Brother” a half-hour comedy about two brothers moving together in Manhattan. Based on Jordan Pope Roush’s blog of the same name. Cast contingent pilot order at the end of February 2013. Decision of pilot not going forward made in October 2013. Cast: Miles Fisher, Mike Castle

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