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/Last update September 30, 2013/ The first of the serialized monthly countdowns listing all the new series in making and development during season 2013/2014.
 Full list of new pilots, ideas, scripts and projects pitched  to networks in the last months click on TV pilots, pre-orders, pitches and new series in development 2013/2014



HBO “Doll & Em” comedy about hollywood star hiring hes childhood friend to be personal assistant. Originally developed for Sky Living with English cast. 6 half hour episode initial order.

[Syfy] “Bitten” 13 episode Canadian werewolf drama originally produced for Entertainment One and focusing on the world’s only female werewolf trying to live as human and working as a photographer in Toronto. Based on novel by  Kelley Armstrong. 13 episodes series one. Cast:  Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk, Paul Greene. Expected in 2014.

[Sundance] “The Returned” French series about small town mysteriously overrun by people who were long dead trying to return to their homes without memory of passing away. Based on film “Les Revenants” by Robin Campillo. 8 episodes in series one.



CBS “Battle Creek” detective drama set in titular Battle Creek Michigan from creators of “Braking Bad” and “House”. 13 episode series commitment for season 2014-2015/

FOX “Gotham” behind the scenes superhero series focusing on origin story of Commissioner James Gordon as he fights the villains before he met Batman. Series commitment after network bidding war.

TNT “Murder In The First” drama following San Francisco PD detectives investigating high profile Silicon Valley murder. Cast: Kathleen Robertson, Taye Diggs, Bess Rous, Ian Anthony Dale,  Tom Felton, Mimi Kirkland, Raphael Sbarge, Bess Rous and Steven Weber. Ordered in mid September 2013. Scheduled for summer 2014.

HBO “Leftovers” Story of several people that didn’t make it during final Rapture. Damon Lindelof’s take on Tom Perrotta’s 2011 novel. In development since summer 2012. Pilot ordered in early February 2013. Peter Berg announced in April 2013 he will direct the pilot . Cast: Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Ann Dowd, Christopher Eccleston, Amanda Warren, Liv Tyler, Michael Gaston, Margaret Qualley.

[WGN] “Manhattan” drama about the infamous Manhattan Project. 13 episode order for summer 2014.



CBS “NCIS New Orleans” a planted NCIS spin off focusing on investigations from Pensacola, Mississippi,Louisiana and Texas.

AMC “Better Call Saul” drama prequel to “Braking Bad” focusing on lawyer Saul Goodman. Licensing issues hold project from being ordered to series.



FOX “Torched” family comedy about father trying to secure good life for his family though job that involves danger and law braking. Put pilot.

FOX “Chasing Skips” hourlong comedy about two guys embarking upon bounty hunting as a way to improve their financial situation. Put pilot commitment.

FOX “Man/Child” comedy about two dads moving in together and navigating parenthood while trying to maintain their bachelor life styles. Damon Wayans Jr involved.

NBC “The Bass Player, His Neighbors, Their Landlord & Their Lovers” drama about group of friends in their twenties as they navigate careers and relationships in Washington D.C. Put pilot commitment.

TNT Untitled action adventure drama focusing on fixer specialising in top level crisis situations beyond reach of governments and law. “Bourne Identity” scribe involved.

[TBC] Untitled multi camera comedy about group of friends buying out town brewery.

NBC “Odyssey”  conspiracy thriller about three families torn apart by their members being accused of international military conspiracy.

CBS “Middlescence” multi camera comedy about married couple juggling two kids, brother and mother.

FOX “Billy Ray” drama about family reuniting with their stolen child after 16 years spent growing up in rural Alabama. Put pilot commitment.

HBO “The Brink” half hour comedy about global geopolitical crisis at the brink of world war as seen though the eyes of three men – U.S. Secretary of State, Foreign Service officer and top Navy fighter pilot.

NBC “A to Z” romantic comedy about young couple from their first date to their breakup across season. Rashida Jones and Will McCormack project. Put pilot commitment in late September 2013.

CBS “Good Session” comedy about couple in their thirties and their decisions surrounding possible parenthood told through the series of couple counseling sessions. Put pilot commitment.

FOX Untitled family drama set in the world of hip hop. “The Butler” scribe involved.

MTV “Hindsight” timetravel drama about a woman who on the day of her second wedding wakes up 15 years in the past facing her first marriage again. Greenlit in mid September 2013.

CBS “The 40s” comedy about group of friends in their 40ies living on the same street. Put pilot order.

FOX “The Whole Shebang” drama about single mother inheriting male strip club on the brink of collapse. Jennifer Garner to produce. Put pilot commitment.

NBC “Conspiracy” drama revolving around disappearance of conspiracy theorist after random killing among Occupy Wall Street protesters and investigation launched by his sister and FBI. Based on 2012 motion picture of the same title. Put pilot commitment.

FOX “Unthinkable”drama about screenwriter paired with FBI agent to prevent attack on US. Based on the comic book of the same title.

NBC “Bitch Off The ‘Ol Block” comedy about daughter moving in with mother and group of her roommate friends.

LIFETIME “The Lottery” dystopian drama set in the future world where women stopped having children and national lottery decides upon 100 surrogate mothers for fertilised embryos.

FOX “The Middle Man” crime drama set in 60ies Boston and following FBI agent tasked with taking down Italian mafia.

ABC Untitled comedy series starring Irish comedian Dylan Moran.

MTV “Finding Carter” family drama about a girl living in happy family until discovering that she was abducted by her current mother as a toddler.

MTV “Eye Candy” drama about genius hacker who suspects the man she met online to be a deadly stalker.

FOX Untitled multi camera sibling comedy revolving about two brothers from multi racial family reuniting in their home town as grown up adults.

CBS “The Runt” single camera sibling comedy about family of five brothers and sisters from the point of view of the former “runt”, now the most successful of the group.

NBC Untitled single camera work place comedy following fresh and naive teenage chef working in the kitchen of a temperamental TV celebrity. Put pilot commitment.

NBC Untitled CIA drama starring Katherine Heigl. No studio attached to the drama idea currently pitched to networks. Surfaced in early August 2013. Put pilot commitment issued.

ABC “No Way Back” Drama about two women from different walks of life joining forces to save their lives. Based on novel by Andrew Gross.

[E!] “The Royals” drama about power and corruption set against fictional royal family and based loosely on “Hamlet” Cast: Elizabeth Hurley, William Moseley, Haley Lu Richardson, Alexandra Park, Jim Piddock


ABC “Beverly Kills” drama about hit-woman for the mob retiring to family life just to discover her quite neighborhood might need her special skills to stay safe and clean.

ABC “Clandestine” drama about secret CIA agents who happens to be hard partying daughter of US ambassador in UK.

NBC “Vega v. Vega” legal drama about young lawyer joining her mother’s practice.

NBC “Maybe It’s Me” comedy about father dealing with three demanding women, his girlfriend, his boss and his ex wife.

NBC Untitled comedy about two brothers and their immigrant parents running fast food franchise in Sacramento.

NBC “Six Months, Three Days” procedural about two mismatched San Francisco PD detectives.

ABC “Sisterland” paranormal drama about two sisters born with unique abilities. Based on novel by Curtis Sittenfeld.

[A&E] “The Returned” americanized version of the French series about small town mysteriously overrun by people who were long dead trying to return to their homes without memory of passing away (original set to broadcast on Sundance Channel)

ABC “Work With Jerks” workplace comedy about a woman working with all male staff.

The CW Untitled legal drama  about a woman who after being imprisoned for a double murder she didn’t commit passes her bar while in prison, proves her innocence and embarks on the road to uncover conspiracy that framed her. Eva Longoria to produce.

FOX Untitled comedy project about a guy who’s left to live with his best friends ex girlfriend after their break up.

FOX “This Can’t End Well” comedy about romantic guy falling in love with cynical woman.

NBC “Constantine” drama about supernatural guardian defending world from evil based on DC comic book series of the same title. Script purchase with penalty.

FOX “Guilt” soapy thriller about student abroad who’s accused of murder of her roommate. Loosely based on Amanda Knox case.

CBS “Insecurity” drama about obsessive compulsive security worker at a Boston art museum solving complex criminal cases across the country using his childhood experience of crime world.

ABC “Clementine” drama about troubled psychic trying to face her past.

ABC Untitled drama project about criminologist hired to help solve mysterious disappearances just to discover chief detective to be her estranged mother.

ABC “No Angels” half hour comedy about group of nurses working and living together. Remake of British series of the same title.

FOX “Wife Nanny” comedy about a guy who hires “gay best friend” for his wife to improve their marriage. Script purchase with penalty.

CBS “Oasis” mystery drama set in self sustaining utopian community.

ABC “Angel Time” drama about assassin embarking on the road to redemption. Based on series of novels  “The Songs of the Seraphim” by Anne Rice.

ABC “Girls Without Boys” half hour single camera sitcom about three bright but socially inept young girls navigating world of sex eduction.

[Bravo] Untitled drama about New England’s family taking justice into their own hands after head of the family is killed.

NBC “Park Road” comedy about three siblings escaping city life after accidentally killing Albanian mobster. Based on the Danish show “Lærkevej”.

ABC “Good Thief Guide” drama following charming thief as he travels around the world. Based on book series by Chris Ewan.

NBC Untitled comedy based on life of stand up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco,

ABC “How To Be An Adult” workplace comedy about infantile man tasked with saving family business.

Starz “Gringo”  drama following Mexican-American Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent who infiltrates one of Mexico’s most notorious drug and human trafficking cartels. Based on non fiction book “The Shadow Catcher” by Hipolito Acosta

The CW “Red” sci fi western set on newly colonialized Mars. From creators of “The Mentalist”.

NBC “Dr. Ken” comedy based on life of comedian Ken Jeong in his previous line of work as physician. Purchase with significant penalty.

FOX “Speak American” half hour comedy focusing on accent reduction teacher of latino descent and her class. Originally developed for USA network now retooled.

ABC Untitled comedy about couple trying to maintain their relationship surrounded by dysfunctional friends and family.

ABC “Bagel Nation” comedy about Lebanese family running Jewish deli.

[Syfy] “Creature At Bay” drama set in an aftermath of US military defending Northern California coast from monstrous creature. “X-Men” director involved.

ABC “Trust” soap about Miami lawyer inheriting estate and trying to reconnect with his first love. Based on Colombian telenovela “Pura Sangre”. Eva Longoria to produce.

ABC Untitled comedy project exploring pros and cons of being divorced from Ali Adler.

ABC “Esmeralda” event series retelling revised storyline of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”

NBC “G’Uncle” comedy about gay man living with his sister and family in Washington D.C.

ABC “The Bounty” drama following quest to capture murderer of a family resulting in highest in US history bounty issued for the capture of the perpetrator.

FOX “Last Night” comedy about ensemble of friends meeting every weekend to review their social life.

NBC “Never Look Away” drama focusing on journalist who’s wife disappears. Based on Linwood Barclay’s novel of the same title.

ABC “The Final Girls” horror series centred around group of friends who survived through horror stories and with help of mysterious older leader try to use their experience for good. Jamie Lee Curtis attached as lead.

ABC Untitled drama project revolving around two female San Francisco P.D. detectives partnered up again after one took leave of absence to start a family.

NBC “My Parents Are Too F**king Happy” comedy about two romantically challenged siblings and their perfect marriage parents. Kristin Ritter to produce.

NBC “Wolfe” drama about criminal taking on identity of a fake hero created by FBI for media and morale purposes. Script purchase with penalty.

ABC “The Thirteen” parallel timeline drama set in America that lost Revolutionary War and is fighting Britain for freedom.

NBC Untitled comedy based around dad who moves his family from big city to small and quiet place down south. Several thematically similar projects are being pursued by various networks at the moment.

CBS “Sister Whipped” comedy following man who was raised by sisters in women only environment.

The CW “ZE” drama about transgender teenager  in rural Texas who wants to become a boy.

NBC “Harmony House” romantic comedy about young resident doctor at the mental institution who falls in love with one of the patients.

ABC “DINKS” (“Double Income, No Kids” alt title) comedy focusing on a couple in mid thirties and their indecisions surrounding potential parenthood.

FOX “Far From The Tree” thriller set among peaceful family who discovers their son is involved in mass scale eco terrorist attack.

ABC Untitled comedy about woman in late thirties beginning to grow up only after she moves in with two young girls straight out of uni.

ABC “Princess” drama about regular girl falling in love with member of highly influential political dynasty.

ABC “Show & Tell” comedy revolving around lives and secrets of parents who’s kids attend the same school. Based on “Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?” by Dan Bucatinsky.

ABC “The After Party” comedy about three siblings reuniting after they all become single.

FOX “Clothing Optional” comedy about family running holiday resort who decide to turn the place into nudist destination after unfortunate scandal affects its popularity.

FOX “The Worst Best Thing” ensemble comedy about three couples with children who become very disillusioned about pros and cons of parenthood.

NBC Untitled dark comedy about forty something Boston PD detective mother paired with hotshot young latina female officer to solve crimes.

Showtime Untitled sports drama set behind the scenes of the professional basketball league.

FX “American Psycho” modern day sequel series following aged serial killer from the movie of the same title and his newly acquired protege.

FOX “Dead Boss” single camera prison drama about a woman trying to prove her innocence after being sentenced for murdering her boss. Adaptation of British series of the same title.

FOX “Frayed” drama focusing on arrogant corporate consultant who goes on the run after getting involved in grand conspiracy. Based on Dutch series “Bellicher”. Script commitment with penalty.

FOX Untitled comedy about family with parenthood method remorse after their smart and confident kids become teenagers.

The CW “Dorothy Must Die” alternative story based around characters of “Wizard Of Oz” with Dorothy set as fascist dictator of Oz ruling with help of her henchmen. This is 4th of 5th project this year involving “Wizard Of Oz” re-imagening.

USA “Complications” medical drama about ER doctor who’s career and outlook changes after he’s involved in gang shooting.

ABC Untitled drama about regular family targeted by anonymous stalker.

CBS Untitled drama centering on federal judge with lifetime tenure who challenges the system.

FOX “Here’s Your Damn Family” comedy about man in his thirties living with his mom who’s life is turned upside down when his mother marries man with three children.

NBC “Spec” sci fi drama about mysterious life form recovered from derelict space craft escaping into woods in rural Oregon.

NBC “Half” comedy about conceived through artificial insemination teenager who decides to find her remaining half siblings with help of her dysfunctional family

FOX Untitled comedy based around life of judge Greg Mathis. Greg Mathis and Ellen Degeneres to produce.

ABC “Social Circle” thriller about group of friends in their 20ies reuniting after some time and discovering they know very little about each other.

FOX “Royal” soap revolving around high profile socialite who falls out of grace with the royals and becomes personal assistant to challenging young designer.

NBC “Former Fat Girl” comedy about formerly obese woman who rediscovers life after shedding the weight. Inspired by “10 Lessons from a Former Fat Girl” by Amy Parham

ABC “First Timers” relationship comedy centered around young business partners.

ABC “Damaged Goods” comedy about “sexual politics that have changed between men and women in this post-feminist era”

Starz “Survivor’s Remorse” half an hour series exploring careers of two men breaking out of one of the Philadelphia’s most notorious neighborhoods.



ABC Untitled “Modern Family” spin off based around Rob Riggle’s character from previous seasons

“Agent Carter” another backstage superhero drama set in Marvel universe this time focusing on Captain America’s girlfriend.

Endemol is exploring US adaptation of French drama series “Engrenages” exploring struggles and corruption within legal system through the eyes of police officers, a judge, a prosecutor and a defense lawyer.

AMC Untitled The Walking Dead spin off with completely new cast.

“Man On Fire” drama series based on movie of the same title and following CIA agent turned bodyguard after child under his protection is kidnapped. “Regency” & “20th Century TV” coproduction



NBC “Hilary” 4 hour mini series about Hilary Clinton. Cast: Diane Lane

HBO “The Missionary” 1960ies story of a young American missionary in Berlin involved with the CIA. Aaron Paul might star. Stephen Levinson and Mark Wahlberg involved. June 2012. Cast: Benjamin Walker, Jesse Plemons, Gayle Rankin. Network has passed on the pilot.

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