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/Article start date July 27, 2012, last and final update September 10, 2013/ As we cross into première season, we begin to hear clunking sound of first shows hitting the can. As usual, we don’t list reality shows, competitions or kids series where majority of cast is under 16. And so the list starts:



HBO “Eastbound & Down”, June 6, 2013. Network announced the upcoming season 4 will be the show’s last.

[Syfy] “Warehouse 13”, May 16, 2013. Season 5 [FINAL] . Six episodes to wrap up the show.

USA “Burn Notice” May 10, 2013. Creators decided Season 7 (in summer 2013) will be its last.

CBS “Dexter” March 4, 2013. Network announced Season 8 will be show’s last. Spin off series is being discussed.



USA “Graceland”, September 10, 2013, Season 2. Returns for 13 episodes.

[A&E] “Longmire”, August 29, 2013. Season 3. Will return in summer 2014.

TBS “Sullivan & Son”, August 20, Season 3. 13 episode order.

TBS “Men At Work”, August 20, 2013. Season 3. 10 episodes in 2014.

TNT “Rizzoli & Isles”, August 15, 2013 Season 5. 15 episodes in summer 2014.

TNT “Major Crimes”, August 15, 2013 Season 3. 15 episode order.

TNT “Perception”, August 15, 2013 Season 3.

LIFETIME “Devious Maids”, August 13. Season 2. 13 more episodes.

MTV “Awkward”, August 5, 2013. Season 4. New show runners hired.

[Syfy] “Continuum”, August 1, 2013. Season 3. 13 more episodes in 2014.

ABC “Switched At Birth”, July 30, 2013. Season 3.

CBS “Under the Dome” July 29, 2013. Season 2. “But how, but how, they are all under the dome.”

[VH1] “Hit The Floor”, July 23, 2013. Season 2.

ABC “Rookie Blue”, July 17, 2013. Season 5. Early renewal for the cop show.

Showtime “Ray Donovan”, July 16, 2013. Season 2. “Fixer” returns next summer.

HBO “True Blood”, July 15, 2013. Season 7. More vampires in 2014.

TNT “Falling Skies”, July 2, 2013. Season 4. 10 more episode of the sci fi show for summer 2014.

[Netflix] “Orange Is The New Black”, June 27, 2013. Season 2. Returns for 13 episodes

[Netflix] “Hemlock Grove”, June 19, 2013. 10 more episodes signed off.

[IFC] “Portlandia”, June 12, 2013. Season 4 and 5. 10 episodes each.

[DirecTV] “Rogue”, June 11, 2013. Season 2. 10 episodes ordered.

Showtime “Nurse Jackie”, June 6, 2013. Season 6. Some more pill popping in 2014.

NBC “Hannibal”, May 30, 2013. Season 2. World’s darkest cooking show returns in the middle of 2014 for 13 installments.

ABC “Melissa & Joey”, May 28, 2013. Season 4. Set to break magical 100 episode syndication number next season.

ABC “Modern Family”, May 11, 2013. Season 5. Should be back in autumn, unless the cast decides to sue for higher fees again.

ABC “The Neighbors”, May 11, 2013. Season 2. Larry Bird and Jackie Joyner-Kersee return in autumn to torture Weavers again.

ABC “Last Man Standing”, May 11, 2013. Season 3. Tim Allen’s show will be back in late autumn 2013

NBC “Community”, May 11, 2013. Season 5. 13 more episodes for 2014 following Jeff’s graduation in season finale.

ABC “Once Upon Time”, May 10, 2013. Season 3. Returns for 22 eps together with spin off series.

ABC “The Middle”, May 10, 2013. Season 5. 24 more episodes of the Heck family.

[Syfy] “Defiance”, May 10, 2013. Season 2. 13 episode order for the most disappointing sci fi series this year.

ABC “Revenge”, May 10, 2013. Season 3. Third season renewal issued right before season finale.

ABC “Scandal”, May 10, 2013. Season 3. Political thriller will return in autumn.

ABC “Nashville”, May 10, 2013. Season 2. More country belching and yodelling next year.

ABC “Grey’s Anatomy”, May 10, 2013. Season 10.

The CW “The Carrie Diaries”, May 9, 2013. Season 2. 13 episodes scheduled for midseason 2014.

NBC “Parks & Recreation”, May 9, 2013. Season 6. 22 episodes to start in autumn 2013.

The CW “Nikita”, May 9, 2013. Season 4. Returns for 6 episode long most likely final cycle.

CBS “Criminal Minds”, May 9, 2013. Season 9. All the main cast returning.

ABC “Castle”, May 8, 2013. Season 6-7. Rumored two season pickup

BBC “Orphan Black”, May 2, 2013. Season 2.

[Sundance] “Rectify”, May 1, 2013. Season 2. 10 episodes ordered for 2014.

HBO “Veep”, May 1, 2013. Season 3. 10 episodes in pipeline.

TNT “Dallas”, April 30, 2013. 15 episodes slotted for early 2014.

CBS “Two And A Half Men”, April 27, 2013. Season 11. Returning with Angus T. Jones unlikely to reprise his by now “reoccurring” role of the Half.

The CW “Beauty And The Beast”, April 26, 2013. Season 2.

The CW “Heart of Dixie”, April 26, 2013. Season 3.

NBCRevolutiON“, April 26, 2013. Season 2. Will power up for 22 instalments next season.

NBC “Chicago Fire”, April 26, 2013. Season 2. 22 episodes and a spin off series in 2014.

NBC “Parenthood”, April 26, 2013. Season 5. 22 episodes in pipeline.

NBC “Grimm”, April 26, 2013. Season 3.

NBC “Law & Order: SVU”, April 26, 2013. Season 15. Renewed for 22 episodes after securing Mariska Hargitay’s return as lead.

FOX “Glee”, April 19, 2013. Season 5-6. Two more seasons given to the musical series.

Starz “Da Vinci’s Demons”, April 17, 2013. Season 2 ordered very early on, with immediate production scheduled for next month.

[Netflix] “House Of Cards”, April 12, 2013. Season 2 US remake of UK series goes forward. Season 2 production schedule set to May 2013 confirmed on twitter by Constance Zimmer.

[Syfy] “Being Human”, April 11, 2013. Season 4. US remake of UK show will re-appear for 13 episodes in 2014.

AE “Bates Motel”, April 8, 2013. Season 2. 10 more episodes for Psycho prequel after just three episodes

[Discovery] “Vikings”, April 5, 2013. Season 2. 10 episodes ordered for 2014.

[Netflix] “Arrested Development”, April 4, 2013. Season 4. Six years after the show was cancelled Netflix will reveal 15 new episodes on May 26, 2013

HBO “Game Of Thrones”, April 2, 2013. Season 4. Winter is coming again next year.

FX “Legit”, March 28, 2013. Season 2. Freshman comedy renewed and moving to the new FXX channel.

FX “The League”, March 28, 2013. Season 6. Yet another extension for this show in the last few months after being renewed for season 5 in December. . Renewed and moving to the new FXX channel.

FX “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”, March 28, 2013. Season 10. Renewed and moving to the new FXX channel.

FX “Justified”, March 28, 2013. Season 5. Returning in January 2014.

CBS “Hawaii Five-O”, March 27, 2013. Season 4.

CBS “Mike and Molly”, March 27, 2013. Season 4.

CBS “Two Broke Girls”, March 27, 2013. Season 3. Returns following good ratings.

CBS “The Mentalist”, March 27, 2013. Season 6

CBS “Persons Of Interest”, March 27, 2013. Season 3.

CBS “NCIS: Los Angeles”, March 27, 2013. Season 5. Second most successful drama on CBS returns with full cast.

CBS “Blue Bloods”, March 27, 2013. Season 4

CBS “The Good Wife”, March 27, 2013. Season 4

CBS “Elementary”, March 27, 2013. Season 2. Freshman crime drama will return for another full season after outstanding viewing figures.

[Syfy] “Continuum”, March 26, 2013. Season 2. Canadian sci-fi drama marches on to next season with 13 episodes order.

ABC “Pretty Little Liars”, March 26, 2013. Season 5. Renewed ahead of season 4 premiere and the show will get a spin off series.

TBS “Cougar Town”, March 25, 2013, Season 5. 13 episodes ordered for 2014.

ABC “Baby Daddy”, March 22, 2013, Season 3. Another season ordered before Season 2 starts in May 2013.

[TV Land] “Hot in Cleveland”, March 20, 2013, Season 5. 24 episode order issued

CBS “CSI”, March 20, 2013, Season 14. Unsinkable crime drama returns for another season after lead Ted Danson penned two year deal at $200k per episode.

FOXThe Mindy Project“. March 4, 2013, Season 2. No details about number of episodes

FOX “Rising Hope”, March 4, 2013. Season 4.

FOX “New Girl”, March 4, 2013, Season 3. Zooey Deschanel and the boys will return for at least 24 more episodes.

FOX “The Following”, March 4, 2013, Season 2. Kevin Bacon will chase James Purefoy for 15 more episodes next year.

[Syfy] “Lost Girl”, February 28, 2013, Season 4. 13 episodes scheduled for 2014.

FX “Archer”, February 27, 2013. Season 5. 13 episode order.

FX “The Americans”, February 21, 2013, Season 2. Early renewal to commie spy series despite moderate viewership numbers. Expected to return in January 2014.

The CW “Supernatural”, February 11, 2013, Season 10. Winchester boys are back for another round of ghost killing.

The CW “Arrow”, February 11, 2013. Season 2. Stephen Amell and crew will be back next autumn for some more vigilante action.

The CW “The Vampire Diaries”, February 11, 2013. Season 5. Blood suckers will be back, potentially competing with new spinoff – “The Originals”

NBC “NCIS”, February 1, 2013, Season 11, Mark Harmon continued as lead with new contract.

BBC “Ripper Street”, January 29, 2013, Season 2. Jack the ripper will be back on BBC America in 2014

Showtime “House Of Lies”, January 29, 2013, Season 3. Show will return in 2014 after showing healthy year on year view ship growth.

Showtime “Shameless”, January 29, 2013, Season 4. Remake of UK show gets another season.

Showtime “Californication”, January 29, 2013, Season 7. Hank Moody is back in 2014.

[Cinemax] “Banshee”, January 29, 2013, Season 2. After three episodes network issued 10 episode order for 2014.

HBO “Girls”, January 24, 2013, Season 3.  Lena Dunham‘s series received 12 episode order

AMCThe Killing” January 16, 2012, Season 3. In July 2012 after two seasons, following unsatisfactory ratings AMC opted not to renew dark crime drama “The Killing” (based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen)  for the third season. As of end of November 2012 Fox Television Studios, AMC and Netflix were in talks to produce third season as web/TV cooperation. Negotiations were successful and the drama will return to AMC for 12 episodes in season 3. Shooting in Vancouver starts in February 2013.

FOX “Bones”, January 8, 2013, Season 9. Signed off with full main cast returning.

USA “Necessary Roughness”, January 7, 2013, Season 3, With reduced order to 10 episodes.

Comedy Central “Workaholics”, January 7, 2013, Season 4 & 5. Indie comedy received order for 26 episodes spread over the next two seasons.

CBS “How I Met Your Mother”, December 22, 2012, Season 9. At the last minute the show is set to return for the final season with entire cast contracts secured.

AMC “The Walking Dead”, December 21, 2012, Season 4. They will walk once again next season.

FX “The League”, December 20, 2012, Season 5. Fantasy football comedy received 13 episode order.

USA “Psych”, December 19, 2012, Season 8, Renewed before 7th season is even aired. 8 episodes ordered. Order expanded by further 5 scripts in April 2013.

FX “American Horror Story”, November 15, 2012, Season 3. Show will return for 13 episodes with Jessica Lang.

[TVLand] “Soul Man”, November 12, 2012, Season 2.

[Syfy] “Haven”, November 9, 2012, Season 4, TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid” got 13 episode order for 2013.

USA “Burn Notice”, November 7, 2012, Season 7, 13 episode order.

AMC “Hell On Wheels”, November 1, 2012, Season 3, Received 10 episode renewal earlier on in a week but final sign off is on hold after original showrunner and creators left the show.

FX “Wilfred”, October 31, 2o12, Season 3, 13 episodes order for  the US remake of Australian show, but with new showrunners

HBO “Treme”, October 26, 2012, Season 4 (Final). Five episode order to wrap up the New Orleans show.

Showtime “Homeland”, October 22, 2012, Season 3, renewed for 2013 with 12 episode order

BBC “Copper”, October 18, 2012, Season 2. 13 episodes ordered for summer 2013.

USA “Suits”, October 12, 2012, Season 3. 16 episode order for the summer series.

ABC “Pretty Little Liars”, October 4, 2012, Season 4, 24-episode order to start airing in mid-2013

[Cinemax] “Strike Back”, October 3, 2012, Season 3. 10 episodes ordered for 2013.

HBO “Boardwalk Empire”, October 2, 2012, Season 4. Scorsese’s prohibition drama is renewed three weeks into current season.

TNT “Franklin & Bash”, September 28, 2012, Season 3. The show almost noone heard about gets third season.

TNT “Major Crimes”, September 27, 2012, Season 2. “The Closer” spin off show gets renewed for 15 episodes next year. In May 2013 order was extended to 19 episodes.

USA “Royal Pains”, September 25, 2012, Season 5 & 6, America’s favorite concierge doctor series received 26 episode order across two future seasons.

USA “Covert Affairs”, September 25, 2012, Season 4, 16 episodes order.

USA “White Collar”, September 25, 2012, Season 5, 16 episodes ordered.

LIFETIME “Army Wives”, September 21, 2012, Season 7. 13 episodes ordered for 2013.

Showtime “Episodes”, September 13, 2012, Season 3. Matt Le Blanc fronted UK/US series received nine episode order.

AE “The Glades”, September 12, 2012, Season 4. 13 episodes ordered for return in 2013.

TBSSullivan & Son“, September 4, 2012, Season 2, unfunniest comedy of the summer received 10 episode second season order. Production of season 2 was suspended after shows lead Steve Byrne suffered injury to his face. Premiere still set to Thursday, June 13 at 10 PM

FXAnger Management“, August 29, 2012, Season 2-5, Charlie Sheen’s comedy managed to survive and obtain contractually guaranteed 90 episode renewal order.

ABCSwitched at Birth“, August 28, 2012, Season 2, this one is slightly weird, because season one was extended to whopping 32 episodes earlier on in summer and will run until November 2012, season two renewal of 20 episodes is scheduled for January 2013 jumping from summer to midseason.

ABCBaby Daddy“,  August 28, 2012, Season 2, scheduled to return midseason 2013.

ABCMelissa & Joey“, August 28, 2012, Season 3, renewed and returns spring 2013.

[VH1] “Single Ladies”, August 22, 2012, Season 3, renewed with confirmed growing year on year viewership.

TNTPerception“, August 17, 2012. Season 2. 13 episode order for summer 2013. In May 2013 order was extended to 14 episodes.



AMC “The Killing”, September 10, 2013. Cancelled again, we are all sure this time for good.

[A&E] “The Glades”, August 30, 2013. Cancelled after four seasons.

[TV Land] “Happily Divorced”, August 23, 2013. No third season for the yawner.

Starz “Magic City”, August 5, 2013. On the day of second season finale network announced they will not order another continuation of the series.

ABC “Bunheads”, July 22, 2013. Network decided not to order season two five months after the first season.

Showtime “The Borgias”, June 4, 2013 – talks about one more season or at least two hour wrap up movie instead of season 4 appear to have falled through. Season 3 finale will have to serve as series finale.

ABC “Happy Endings”, May 21, 2013. Although no official statement has been issued, the series unaired episodes begin broadcasting back-to-back in Fridays death slot from March 29. In early April 2013 USA announced the network wants to pickup the series for next season if ABC does not renew it. By the end of May 2013 USA withdrew from discussions and the show is officially canned.

FOX “The Cleveland Show”, May 14, 2013. Not renewed after four seasons.

ABC “Family Tools”, May 11, 2013. Taken off air after 2 episodes.

NBCThe New Normal“, May 11, 2013. Network decided not to proceed with season 2.

NBCGo On“, May 10, 2013. Will not be renewed in process of revamping entire comedy schedule.

ABC “How To Live With Your Parents”, May 10, 2013. Axed after 6 episodes.

TNT “Southland”, May 10, 2013. Cancelled after five seasons.

CBS “Vegas”, May 10, 2013. Not renewed on a day of first season finale.

ABC “Red Widow”, May 10, 2013. Continuation of first season not ordered by network.

TNT “Monday Mornings”, May 10, 2013. Will not proceed past initial 10 episodes.

NBC “Smash”, May 10, 2013. Musical series not renewed after two seasons.

CBS “Golden Boy”, May 10, 2013. Will not be renewed past existing 13 episode run.

ABC “Body Of Proof”, May 10, 2013. Not renewed after three seasons. Pickup is being considered by by TNT, USA and WGN America.

CBS “CSI: NY”, May 10, 2013. No more crime investigating in Big Apple after 9 years.

ABC “Malibu Country”, May 10, 2013. Not renewed for second season.

CBS “Rules Of Engagement”, May 10, 2013. Not renewed after seven seasons.

NBC “Guys With Kids”, May 9, 2013. Not renewed  in process of revamping entire comedy schedule.

FOX “Touch”, May 9, 2013. Not renewed for season 3 due to low viewing figures.

NBC “Up All Night”, May 9, 2013. Not renewed  in process of revamping entire comedy schedule.

NBC “Whitney”, May 9, 2013. Not renewed  in process of revamping entire comedy schedule.

NBC “1600 Penn”, May 9, 2013. Not renewed  in process of revamping entire comedy schedule.

NBC “Deception”, May 8, 2013. Not renewed for second season.

The CWCult“, April 10, 2013. Yanked from schedule effective immediately. Remaining episodes will be put online.

HBO “Enlightened”, March 19,2013. Departs after two seasons of very low ratings.

ABCZero Hour“, March 1, 2013. Debutant mystery drama fell victim of Thursday night death slot and was taken off air after three episodes.

The CW “90210”, March 1, 2013. World’s famous Beverly Hills post code was not renewed and will end with current season.

BBC “The Hour”, February 12, 2013. The show will not return for third season (BBC America in US) due to falling viewership numbers back in UK.

NBCDo No Harm“, February 08, 2013. Show was taken off the air after two episodes following the record low premiere ratings.

FOXBen & Kate“, January 24, 2013. Reported as “pulled from the schedule indefinitely”. At the moment of cancelation the show was reportedly still filming episodes 15-19.

ABC “Don’t Trust the B—- In Apt. 23”, January 22, 2012. Removed from the schedule effective immediately. Unaired episodes will be made available online in summer.

[Syfy] “Alphas”, January 17, 2013. End of the road for the show after two seasons.

TNT “Leverage”, December 22, 2012. Network has pulled the plug and the show is cancelled four days before the series’ fifth season finale. Movie/two hour wrap up likely.

[TV Land] “Retired at 35”, December 14, 2012. Cancelled after two seasons.

The CW “The L.A. Complex”, December 4, 2012. Canadian home network Bell Media decided not to renew the show.

The CW “Emily Owens M.D.”, November 28, 2012. Network has opted not to pick up additional episodes. Production stops, CW will air the reminder of episodes made to date.

FOXThe Mob Doctor“, November 28, 2012. It’s the end of the road for the show. 13 episodes made to date will be aired in December and early January.

MTVThe Inbetweeners” , November 28, 2012. MTV decided not to order second season of the Inbetweeners.

Starz “Boss”, November 20, 2012. Network had made a decision to not proceed with a third season of Kelsey Grammer drama. Two hour movie might provide plot wrap up if negotiations between studio and network proves successful.

CBS “Partners”, November 16, 2012. No back order will be issued for the CBS series, its Monday 8:30 slot will be populated by “2.5 Men” reruns.

ABC666 Park Ave“,  November 16, 2012. Network decided not to order any more episodes and let the show expire after it airs 13 episodes.

ABCLast Resort“, November 16, 2012. Network decided not to order any more episodes and let the show expire after it airs 13 episodes.

USA “Common Law”, November 2, 2012, summer cop show will not return for second season.

USAPolitical Animals“, November 2, 2012. Although Sigourney Weaver headlined show was designed as stand alone mini series, both network and creators hoped to upgrade it to annual installments, but in the end could not justify high production costs.

ABC “Fairly Legal”, November 1, 2012, the ABC’s legal show starring Sarah Shahi will not return for the third season after show appeal didn’t improve in season two.

NBCAnimal Practice“, October 18, 2012, comedy based around bytes the dust. To be replaced in schedule by “Whitney”.

CBSMade In Jersey“, October 10, 2012, after just two episodes CBS pulled the new legal drama starring British Janet Montgomery as New Jersey lawyer  off the schedule. Reminder of episodes will air on Saturdays.

NBCSaving Hope” September 5, 2012, Canadian summer medical drama tanked in ratings and NBC pulled the plug. Its Saturday slot will go to “America’s Got Talent” repeats and last two made episodes will be made available online on nbc.com

[DirecTV] “Hit & Miss“, September 4, 2012, Sky Atlantic’ Chloë Sevigny’s series about transsexual contract killer is officially confirmed as “self contained” and discontinued  by home UK network after 6 episodes.

ABCJane By Design” August 17, 2012. Network will not order any more episodes. It is considered cancelled after one season.


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